Palliative treatment of cancer patients

Cancer is a heavy blow not only for the patient himself, but also for those close to him. Their support and care is very important to those who have been diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis.
Palliative treatment is a set of measures aimed at improving the quality of life of incurable cancer patients. At a later stage, a person may experience severe pain, it is difficult for him to maintain and take care of himself. The goal of palliative therapy is to maximize the relief of these symptoms and the serious condition of sick people.

Help for such patients can be carried out both at home and in a specialized specialized institution. There is evidence that it is more preferable for the patient to care for the sick of his close relatives at home. Of course, care must be given to the right amount and at the appropriate level. This requires qualified medical personnel with the required amount of knowledge and skills.

In our medical center, we provide comprehensive medical care to incurable patients who are able to come to us. A thorough examination is carried out, clinical analyzes are monitored, the optimal antitumor and palliative therapy, a set of medical procedures are selected.

The help of qualified specialists is also extremely important for patients in the late stages of cancer, because it is thanks to constant correction and optimization of treatment tactics that it is possible to alleviate the suffering of the patient and improve his quality of life.

Of course, family members also need help and support. The burden of responsibility, heavy stress and psychological pressure on close relatives should not be ignored by doctors. Family members should be informed about the patient’s health, know that they can seek special help if necessary, and understand how to alleviate the suffering of a loved one.

Nutrition and hygiene of patients, psychological help and support are of great importance. The family should be aware of the interventions required by the patient.

A special diet is prescribed taking into account the general condition, the state of the gastrointestinal tract and the possibility of patients eating food. Adequate nutrition plays an important role in palliative care, improves well-being and mood, and helps maintain the necessary energy level.
Anesthesia in full. According to the palliative care law, every patient has the right to get relief from pain. Cancer patients often need a strong analgesic effect, which can only be achieved with the help of narcotic drugs. Relatives should be well aware of this and, if necessary, independently stop the pain syndrome in the patient.
Personal hygiene assistance
Psychological support is necessary not only for the patient, but also for his relatives. With competent work with such a family, the quality of life of each family member increases significantly. Help in accepting a situation, advice from a competent specialist can give people the strength to cope and survive an ordeal.